Gingerbread House #gingerbreadhousetemplate
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Gingerbread House #gingerbreadhousetemplate

Need some new gingerbread house ideas? Check out this foolproof gingerbread house recipe and free gingerbread house template! Step by step instructions on how to make gingerbread house dough, how to texture the dough, bake the cookies without losing shape, make candy windows and of course how to assemble it all together without collapsing! Decorating the gingerbread house with candy is my kids favorite part. Perfect activity for Christmas. #gingerbreadhouse #christmas #decorating #kids #easy

The best construction gingerbread house recipe. Super strong, great for cutting out intricate templates and does not spread when baking. This recipe is enough to make three gingerbread houses using the gingerbread house template included 


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